Julia Zambellis

Julia Zambellis, 23 years old


Well to begin with I love working with people and so I saw this as the perfect opportunity to develop this skill, as the tourism industry is reliant of people skills and communicators.  The tourism industry is also one of the fastest growing industries globally and to remain ahead of what consumers want, the industry is constantly changing.  It’s this dynamic nature of the industry that fascinates me as it offers the possibility for constant change in the work environment and numerous entrepreneurial opportunities should one want to begin their own business.


I’m at crossroads in my life, closing one chapter and beginning a new one.  In five years I see myself working, most likely in an events job, or something that I really love, where there will be ample opportunities for growth and learning.  I’d also like to say that by then I might have started with my masters, or perhaps even another degree.


Mauritius is a great learning opportunity, personally and as part of a team.  I think it will be a great way to end a very productive year and will help our groups bond.  This means that while soaking up the surf, sand and sun we’ll really learn about one another, ultimately being able to do kickass presentations!

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