26 11 2008

While typing up our final document on Mauritius I couldn’t help but remembering all of the good times…

I think every single one of us wants to go back to Mauritius. Who can forget the amazing lunch onboard the Catamarang, the colourful cocktails, and ofcourse, the infamous Rum-boom-boom!! Poor Schmigel was talking to himself on the bus all the way back to the hotel. Everyone was too busy singing *Waaant jy SOEN my nie meer nie! SOEN my nie meer nie! En ek mis hoe dit was!!* to care about any history on the sugar cane! LOL. I do not miss the crazy driving though.. man, that was scary!

The Beach at Mont Choisy


This picture, taken at the hotel, also brings back many memories of “coffee” on the beach under the moontlight, the sound of the waves in the background, and lots of very late night kuiers and laughs before we moved to the guys’ room for some card games 🙂 (can anyone remind me what rhymes with HASIE? lol)



Another thing I have to say, and this I recommend to anyone going to Mauritius – there are 2 things you simply have to taste… The first is their pineapples. Wow, it really is the best pineapple I have ever had. And then, nevermind the price (oh by the way, remember that the menu excludes VAT), you simply must have a Pina Colada cocktail! If you go home without trying this, you will regret it for the rest of your life!!

I was also “lucky” enough to experience the local Mauritius nightlife… And everyone else who also had this priviledge would agree with me – what an experience!! We went to a place called Les Enfants Terribles, not too far from the hotel (Thanks Damien!!) and had a glass of wine for more than 100 Rupees while watching the local entertainment. But lets not go into depth on that, uhm, subject LOL! I’m sure that none of us will ever forget that expedition!

There were so many memories made, too many to write about on this blog, and Mauritius really was such an amazing experience. Easily one of the best of my life so far! An idyllic place with beautiful white beaches and crystal blue water, majestic mountains, (and scary roads) where new friendships started and where we all ended our Honours year off with a bang… I’m so glad that I had the opportunity to go to this awesome island with some of the greatest people I know!!!!                   —>Lynette<—



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