The Mauritius trip… part 2

28 10 2008

For a moment I felt like I was somewhere in Ghana. Or was it Nigeria? Where do they tie their luggage onto the roof again? Oh yes they did!  Couldn’t believe it.  Well, we actually thought that these guys knew what they were doing. I mean, hello, tourists are their business.  So, we relaxed. Till we got on that freaking highway.  So glad I had some spare underwear in my hand luggage cause boy can those Mauritians drive…. Imagine rush hour traffic on the N1 from Pretoria to Johannesburg every morning… Take the eight lanes, squash it into two with traffic both directions, and imagine Putco busses full of passengers overtaking luxury Mercs. Oh no I’m not kidding.  What caught my attention on our the way through the inland to our holiday resort on the Northern coast of Mauritius, just 10 minutes from Grand Baie, is how poor the locals actually are.  It made Soweto look like Waterkloof at one stage.  One would actually think that they are rolling in the riches, I mean, just how much do Europeans spend on a cheap island like Mauritius?!!  As we drove, it got more beautiful.  Passed the mountains in the inland – what a scenic picture at night.  Finally got in the island mood when we started passing through the rural areas full of local Hindu’s having their celebrations, children playing in the street, beaches covered by white sands sparkling in the moonlight and tropical palm trees with coconuts to last you a lifetime!  Welcome to Mauritius…



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