So this is Mauritius… part 1

28 10 2008

And there we were… 18 people on Sir Seewoogasur Ramgoolan International Airport on Mauritius.  What a day! Luckily, the excitement was so extreme that I had to pack at least a week before our departure to make sure that I didn’t forget anything at home… but what I didn’t realise is the only thing that you need for Mauritius was actually only a pair of swimming shorts!  The flight with Air Mauritius from Johannesburg to Mauritius was… fun… bit weird… and bit sickening… but that is just me…At least the service was good! After a crash of a landing (think the pilot missed the runway with about a kilometre and then, had to do a handbrake turn in order for us to make a U-turn so that we would not hit the sea again) we made our way through the wreckage to the terminal gates… to be welcomed by no-one else than constipated immigration officers… so much for the island mood! But I don’t blame them, I would probably have felt the same if I had to see hundreds people passing through my airport on their way for sun, sea, sand and a holiday of a lifetime!  Through immigration, customs and health control (for some other reason the health control officer was actually really friendly – wonder if he sniffed something beforehand…or maybe he is just not Mauritian… ) on our way to baggage claim.  Man was there suitcases! Some of them equalling 13kg’s… others 24, but we won’t say whose it was, right Petri & Lené? Changed our colourful Rands into Mauritian Rupees – which reminds me – don’t know why the FBI hasn’t invested in the negotiation skills of the Mauritian’s yet… man can they bargain and negotiate!  More of that later…  Anyhow, out of the terminal we were, trying to breathe a bit in a humidity factor that made summer in Durban feel like a winter breeze!  BREATHE IN. BREATHE OUT. BREATHE IN. BREATHE OUT. WE ARE ACTUALLY ON MAURITIUS. How awesome is that!



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