Hotel Mont Choisy… Mauritius part 3

28 10 2008

The Hotel, Hotel Mont Choisy, was great! The whole layout of the resort aided in the creation of an island atmosphere.  When you sit on your balcony you can see the gentle turquoise water, so calm and quiet all day long.  For a 3* resort, it was great.  Most of us stayed in triple rooms, equipped with 3 single beds, drawers and a closet, safe, television (with nothing else than French channels, except for BBC) and bathroom with basics.  I really really liked it! Out on your balcony, you can sit the whole night and have a blast – exactly what we did.  Boy did our neighbours love us the morning after!  Well, maybe it’s just because they are not fond of card games. Let’s say that and keep the rest to ourselves!  We were lucky to have stayed close to each other, although we were a bit scattered… Don’t really know yet if it was for the better… we’ll see!  Wait, before I forget – the food is awesome!  They had different themed evenings, Indian, Chinese, Seafood, Italian, the list goes on… so you start with salads and other appetizers, move on the next section, and finally you reach main course – which was really really excellent every single night!  Congrats to Mont Choisy for that!  Oh my word wait  – dessert as well… let’s not say how many kilo’s I’ve picked up – so much for my starvation diet two weeks ahead… LOL… Luckily there were so many activities to engage in everyday – included in your stay was water-skiing, pedal boats, archery, table tennis, tennis, kayaking, windsurfing, snorkelling and glass-bottom boat trips and there is NO lack of other water sports and extreme adventures on the island!  You can go scuba dive, parasail, go underwater in a submarine, catamaran trips (all about that later) and and and… I can’t even remember everything!!  Let’s just say you can go the resort for a month and not get bored… o.k. wait… maybe… but I mean hello, it’s an island after all!



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